This is our bread-n-butter. 4CFunding has relationships with the top affiliates and publishers in the small business loan industry. We have come to our current arrangement after working with numerous affiliates in order to focus on the group we are now using. This means we are already filtering out the bottom 95% of poor performing affiliates when we create a lead for you. Furthermore, all of our leads are double-verified, meaning, we contact each lead at least 2x before posting the lead to you.

Our leads come in two sizes: 1) Shared and 2) Exclusive.

Shared Leads

Our shared leads program pulls leads from several marketing campaigns including SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), eMail and Telemarketing. We blend these leads and sell them 3x for an optimal experience for our lenders and ISO’s. These are very cost-effective leads and have proven to have very high contact rates and conversion ratios.

Exclusive Leads

Our exclusive leads program pulls leads from a dedicated, proprietary affiliate. These leads have all expressed interest in an ACH loan or currently have an ACH loan outstanding and are all great candidates for new ACH loans or to migrate towards new loan programs. These leads are more expensive than the shared leads, but contact rates are also very good and conversion ratios awesome.

Please contact us for more information regarding either lead program.

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